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Water Heaters & Pump Installation in Casstown, Ohio

Your plumbing can't wait. But we know you need more than just the fastest service. You need quality service you can trust. We are proud to offer the following specialties.
Water Heaters - Casstown, OH - Alexander Sewer and Drain

Water Heaters & Pump Installation

Don't suffer unnecessarily through another cold shower. Alexander Sewer & Drain in Casstown, Ohio specializes in water heater repair and pump installation. We are always here when you need us, available day or night, seven days a week. You'll be happy you called.
Grate - Casstown, OH - Alexander Sewer and Drain

High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

We specialize in high-pressure drain cleaning, no matter if you have field tile or downspout drainage or long sewer or leach bed lines. With high-pressure drain cleaning, we blast out any roots, sludge, or dirt and gravel buildup. High-pressure drain cleaning completely flushes the line instead of cutting up roots and damaging your drainage system. This saves in costly repairs and excavations.
Cleaning - Casstown, OH - Alexander Sewer and Drain

Septic Tank Cleaning

Alexander Sewer & Drain does thorough septic tank cleaning and inspections. You will never need to worry about tire tracks from our trucks on your lawn because we have a large amount of hoses to help us reach any spot on your property.
Our highly trained technicians have more than 12 years of experience, so you know you can depend on us. We also sell and install septic tanks to help break down buildup. We use Pro-Pump® bacterial cultures, which we have been using for more than 20 years. It works great, and we even use it in our own homes. If necessary, we can do complete excavation and total repairs.
Pipes - Casstown, OH - Alexander Sewer and Drain

Backflow Repair

To keep contaminated water from coming back up into your home, you need a properly maintained backflow preventer. This mechanical device keeps water moving only one way through your plumbing system. When your backflow preventer malfunctions, it can cause serious plumbing problems in your home with contaminated water coming back up through your drains. This can happen when dirt and debris make their way into your drainage system. Our certified backflow technicians can determine the location and severity of your backflow problem and perform the necessary repairs to get everything flowing in the right direction.
Manhole - Casstown, OH - Alexander Sewer and Drain

Camera Locating & Inspection

Alexander Sewer & Drain provides camera inspections of both residential and commercial sewer lines to determine exactly where your problem is. With our camera, we can see if a repair is necessary or if the drain needs to be cleaned. This is great for 3" to 6" sewer main or field tile drain lines.
Contact us in Casstown, Ohio, to learn more about our sewer cleaning and septic tank pumping services.